Our Services

Day Centre

Our Day Centre is the very heart of Tendring Eldercare. We provide a day filled with activities with everything from Boardgames, Crafts, Baking, Potting, Boules and projects designed to support those suffering with dementia.

We pride ourselves on the high level of service we offer with assisted shower facilities on site as well as hairdressers and chiropodists by request. Throughout the year we hold day trips across Tendring at local Cafes, Garden Centres, Clacton Pier and a Beach Hut in Holland-on-Sea.

We have an in house chef who prepares fresh meals, using locally sourced produce and butchers meat to create nutritionally balanced, healthy meals. We welcome you to book a taster day with us and trial our services for only £5.00.

Daily Luncheon Club

We have been holding our Daily Luncheon Club at Little Clacton Village Hall for over 35 years and we are delighted to still be running strong. Transport is available via our Minibus Service and we serve a hot, 3 course meal which costs only £5.50. This club is held everyday from 12pm – 2pm.

Wednesday Pub Lunch Club

Our Wednesday Pub Lunch Trip is a great way to meet new people whilst exploring some of the best pubs Tendring has to offer. Transport is available.

Dementia Arts & Crafts Group

Every 3rd Thursday of the month we hold a Dementia Arts & Crafts Group held in the Essex County Council Library at Tendring Education Centre. Contact us to find out more information.

Friday Shopping Trips – Fish & Chips

Join our Friday Shopping Trip to one of Clacton’s supermarkets where our drivers will help you do your weekly shop and carry your shopping to your front door. After shopping, join the group in a tasty Fish & Chip supper!

We are constantly looking to grow and improve the services we offer here at Tendring Eldercare so if you are a local provider or organisation who has some great idea then please contact us.