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Please donate anything you can here to allow us to remain open. We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped so far. Thank you!

Tendring Eldercare Update

Over the past 5 months we are extremely proud to have worked with many organisations across Tendring to help provide support and relief to our community. To date we have launched several projects including Emergency Essential Food Parcels, Tendring Pen Pals and Wildlife At Home. 

Each project has been designed to support those in need and encourage social interaction and help conquer the loneliness, depression and isolation this pandemic has caused to us all, but especially our elderly community. 

During lockdown we have used the opportunity presented to us to renovate Kingston House. The home and very heart of everything we do at Tendring Eldercare. Kingston House is a 3,500 SQ FT building in Clacton-on-Sea which will allow us to expand our services from helping 60 elderly clients per week to over 280.

This huge expansion will provide the respite care needed to support those who have been isolated for the past 5 months and provide the physical and mental stimulation they desperately need. 

Our funds and resources are very limited, so if you are in a position to donate by helping us to help more vulnerable members of our community then please do.

Our Bank Account details are as follows:


If you need support, please call us directly on 01255 476889.

This is a very difficult time for us all and it is only by working together that we can fight this and come out stronger.

Very best,
Edward – Chairman

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If you’d like to make a donation to show your support for Tendring Eldercare as a Day Centre, and help to ensure we stay open following this, please follow this link to our GOFUNDME page.

Number of food parcels created & delivered to date:

Read more about our work in the community:

We are proud to be working alongside these incredible organisations to support those in most need throughout Tendring:

Tendring Eldercare
Tendring Eldercare
We have been using a quite Bank Holiday Monday to prepare for a busy day tomorrow 😊
Tendring Eldercare
Tendring Eldercare
TODAY we launch Tendring Pen Pals. 👴👵🏾 ✉️🖋️ Become a friend to someone in Isolation and help stop Depression & Loneliness.

We actively encourage all of you to write a letter and send it in, no matter your age. We have Children, Teenagers, Adults and the Elderly all in Isolation or Shielding who would love to hear from you!

Please SHARE this message so we can reach EVERYONE 🙏
Tendring Eldercare
Tendring Eldercare
Please don't take what you hear regarding Coronavirus as a joke. We have been to the homes of people suffering from the virus and it is absolutely awful to see. It's heartbreaking to see funerals taking place with no one or very little people attending.

You are not superman, you are not invincible. You have the same chance as everyone to catch it. And you may be thinking you are strong and it won't kill you? You may be right.. but the old lady you pass it on to, the young mum or child who walks past as you cough. They may die through a result of your actions.

Don't be SELFISH. Stay indoors and think of others. This isn't over yet.

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